14 December 2008

Free Printable Gift Tag Download

In the holiday giving spirit, I'm sharing a download with you. I designed these cute silhouette holiday gift tags. A little girl elf with a big hat.

click on the pic or here to download the set of 12 in pdf format - size: 2.90MB

Here is a photo with sugared cranberries and instructions for making your own gift tags! Enjoy!

1. Download the pdf file
2. Gather some thick paper like a plain white card stock
3. Print
4. Cut the tags
5. Punch a hole in the top or corner
6. Insert string, ribbon, raffia of your choice and tie to gift

Other options:
1. Use a corner craft punch
2. Add stamp pad ink to the edges (as shown)
3. Add glitter or other embellishments

08 October 2006

bacteria art

bacteria are fascinating. when i was a lab tech, my favorite department was microbiology. there are so many cool things about micro. first of all, you are actually working with living, growing organisms. they have likes and dislikes. some like blood agar, some like sugar, some like oxygen while some thrive without oxygen, etc. my favorite part about micro was that it was like being a detective, having to isolate and identify the bacteria. it's a very 'hands-on' process, or at least it was back in the day for me.

i've collected some links featuring bacteria/petri dish related "art".

fractal geometry panorama

gardens in a petri

more gardens in a petri

petri dish project

bacterial photographs - awesome!

microscopic video:
volvox...this one is so pretty! (algae not bacteria)

26 September 2006

the new paintings, finished

modified flowers

[click for larger pic]

3 new modified flowers, 5x5 feet!
all have medicinal uses for the female reproductive system.
you can see them now at dangenart in the arcade downtown nashville.
the opening reception is october 7th 6-9pm.

see the new website for the art at the arcade community: